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A Violent Relationship

I'm 14 years old and i'm dating an 17 year old.We met in school and the day he asked me out he's cousin dared him to ask me out.She was my best friend.When we met he was 15 and i was 12.I was very young to get a boyfriend.About a week into the relationship i had my first kiss.He said he couldnt stop thinkin about me that day.About a month into i lost my virginity.I regret ever doing it. Then a year in i started hearing romers in school that he ws cheating on me with one of my friends.She told me that he said that we broke up! i wasnt supposed to get make at her but i did! and he said he wasnt over and over agin!Then about 2 months after that he cheated on me again with a girl that i just met and was my best friends older sister. They maid out in the halls and everything. Everybody told me he was cheating on me and i didnt beleive them. I confronted him and he said he isnt and i beleived him b/c he's was my first love.That cheating went on from August 23 to January 6. About right be4 Christmas i had gone to the hospital b/c i have droped a full size wall mirror in my foot and that night i was in the hospital from 5:00 to 12:00 and i kept calling him and calling him and he said he was coming but he never showed .The day after that i went to school on cruches and i found out from one of he best friends that he was up his best friends house with the girl he was cheating on me with for 2 months.The week after that me and my bf went up that friends house and i started accusing him about going out with that girl and i must have said that 10 times and he got sick of it and with all his force he swung back and puched me in the jaw and dislocated it and my mouth was bloody but like a dumb ass i forgave him. I found out that is was true a week later b/c the girl came up to me crying saying it was true and i beat the shit out of her and i gave him another chance witch i shouldnt have done.Then it was 2 days be4 Valentine's Day.And i found out that he was cheating on me with agirl that looks like a man!!! i grew up with her.Valentine's day he went over her house and said right infront of her mother that he dumped me and he wanted to take her to the movies. that night her mom called me and told me the story. the next day i beat the shit out of him and made him cry.That day i called him after he went home and i said that i can find someone better and hung up and i never talkked to him scence.We were together for 2 years and 1 month!


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