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I'm an idiot. And he's a jerk.

Yeah - I had seen a guy for several years who seemed to need things in our relationship I thought were quirky, but I went along with them. My fault. Like - no Valentine's Day, Birthday celebrations, travels together, etc. He was "hurt" over his wife leaving him 15 years ago, and I figured these things weren't everything in the world. There was enough that was better than good. The times we did spend together were incredible - he was charming, affectionate, sweet, romantic, sexy, fun, funny,loving. He "loved" me and when we were together, acted like he did. He'd beam when I walked in the door, tease, flirt, play, compliment, dote... you get it. It was a high, no doubt.

Then, during one of the best times of our lives, we are set to go to a business meeting at the same place. We don't travel together to these things, because that's been one of the "rules" I adjusted to. Then, I get on the plane and he is sitting, fresh faced with hair combed like an 11 year old, with another woman - a "pal" a former subordinate of his. Shocked and blown away, I walk to the back of the plane and deal with seeing the two of them sitting up front, talking, traveling, doing this thing together.

I am such an idiot. We see each other when we land and it is clear they are traveling together (he and his "platonic" friend. He calls me and leaves me a message: I look so great. Was thinking about me. Missed me. The rest of the trip was a disaster - I had to see reality. Now, I have that image of the two of them and I'm done. He called over and over, and I finally told him to stop. I'm not interested. I'm more than done. And when I get soft, I remember the two of them leaning over, talking to one another, laughing, smiling, sharing life....
Now I have to deal with the fact that it happened. I used to pine. Now I just have to deal.

I'm an idiot. And he's a jerk.


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