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My Exboyfriend and I were together for almost a year

My Exboyfriend and I were together for almost a year. I am hispanic and he is white. Well he would call my house or my parents business to get in touch with me if I didn't answer my cell phone. One day I tried to call his cell phone and he didn't answer, so I rang up his house. The house phone rang 2 times and went straight to voice-mail. On the third call his mom picks up and yells at me, calls me a bitch and orders my boyfriend to not talk to me. My boyfriend tells his parents all about me and they tell him to end communication with me. He agrees and tells me that it is completely over. I beg and tell him how can this be over? I end up going psycho and drive by his house and try to call him. Well he told me to give him a week before he can decide what to do about the whole relationship. I miss him so much I can't handle the week that I got to his school campus to surprise him. He ignores me and tells me to leave. Anyway now he put some restraining order on me and completely hates me. I lost my virginity to him and he lost his to me, I guess. I am 25 and he was 26, I thought we were meant to be. Now we are not even friends and he sees me like a criminal and doesn't want any contact with me. In fact a policeman told me that his mother and my exboyfriend do not want any contact with me whatsoever like to not even e-mail or text-message my ex. My exboyfriend even change his cell phone! Even his friends now say I am crazy and not want to talk to me either. He has a gay older male friend who orders him around and tells him what to do, for example the gay man and his parents told him to put that restraining order on me. I feel hurt that I cannot even contact my exboyfriend and he was my best friend and the man I made love to.


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