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he was planning on proposing to me

he was planning on proposing to me.

my ex and i had only been together for a little less than three months. i know it sounds like a short while, but you know the saying when you know, you know? well i knew. he said he knew too. everything was perfect between us. we always had something to talk about, we could always make each other laugh, and we enjoyed the simple little moments together. the only thing that kept us from getting closer is that he is in the marines. he is stationed three hundred miles away. so we only got to see each other once or twice a month for a weekend. but we talked every single nite, sent each other cute emails, wrote poems, and we fell in love and he even put me on his cell phone plan. we knew we'd have a tough road ahead of us especially with him having to go to iraq, but we both agreed we would make it work. in fact he told me that he wanted to go over to iraq (his first deployment being either in January or February of this year) with a fiance. a week ago, we had a hard time getting off the phone because we got on the topic of names for our kids. we had everything pretty much planned out, where we would be living, how many kids we wanted, our house, etc. and he came home this past weekend and we spent an incredible nite together saturday nite. then on tuesday nite (he was back down at his station by this time) he called me to tell me that he still loves his ex girlfriend. i can respect him for telling me and not waiting but shouldn't he have known this since we started dating? i understand that they were together off and on for three years, but they broke up 3 times and everytime he broke up with her. something obviously wasn't working out if he broke up with her that many times. he said he needs time to think, but i dont know what to do. he's still thinking as of rite now. the waiting kills me, but moving on hurts just as bad.


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