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it takes a man to be dad. Anyone can be a father.

He has a son he doesn't know exists. We met at work and I thought we fell in love very quickly. We had everything in the world in common, but especially our love of the outdoors, art, and just feeling good. I didn't have any place to go, so my son and I moved in with him. For a while we were so happy, but then his exgirlfriend started calling and pursuing him. He told me he didn't love her, was completely over her, and wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. He told me he wanted me to have his baby. Foolishly, I got pregnant. Hurricanes, financial problems, exgirlfriend, stress at work...I'm not sure what began to drive us apart. But when I got an email from his exgirlfriend saying that he had been seeing her behind my back, I ended it immediately. I lied and told him it wasn't his baby and that I was moving out of state.
Today I have a handsome, incredibly smart toddler (a son, just like he always wanted) that he doesn't even know exists. It all worked out for the best because my son is the biggest blessing in my life, but sometimes it breaks my heart to know that my son will never know his biological father. The lesson is, although it's an old cliche, it takes a man to be dad. Anyone can be a father.


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