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This story is not to show my ex as a monster , coz actually It has its good side as well.I just wanna say that lies ruin everything ..ruin big love , and what is more important , they ruin trust.I knew a guy 2 years ago.I fell in love for him easily , so did he ..Things started ok , I was wondering is there ever gonna be something wrong in him or in our relationship , coz he was treating me like a princess ..Anyway ..lies started , and with it started my insane reactions ..What is very imp about lies , that u cannot detect them all the time , u feel them and you are true most of the time .I am not a paranoid person who cannot trust anyone ..It is exciting that some liars never admit they did lie at the first place,,always denying ..driving you to the deepest rivers of insanity..he lied for no reasons , at least ones that I couldn't know that time ,lied about his work , his mom , about his ex.,he even used lies as a threat ..then I realized that him being an only child he was a spoilt one and he was selfish ..he never takes "no" for an answer , lying as a kid not to do something he hates , no matter whatever the pain that he may put you in ..Anyway this huge love was ruined not because of anything but coz of lack of trust , which made us always in fights.It ended that he found out all of a sudden that he can't propose now , and that I am not on his priorities list ..I can't blame him for that , but I am blame him for lying , for wasting 2 years of my life , for not being clear from the begining ..for breaking my heart.I can't say anything but I forgive him , coz I have always treated him like if I am his mom , and moms always forgive their sons ..May you grant happiness wherever you are.


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