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you have to get through all of the crap guys until you get to the gud ones

My past relatonship used to really good. It was fun and seemed like the best relationship i had been in for a long time, as i actually for the first time, felt special, cared for, wanted- and yes- loved. He used to call me at night, tell me how important i was to him, how we were going to survive through university (we were going to different ones), and how much he loved me. The barriers came down and i let myself love him. It went really well for a while, then, arguments started to happen. Playfights became violent, he started being quite nasty, digging at things i was sensitive about, he even started critisising the way i dressed. I am a confident person, but he dragged my self-esteem right down. He talked about he wanted to sleep around, he wanted to have foursomes, he wanted to flirt with other girls, started encouraging me to sleep with people (which i didnt), then one night when we were all out, he told me he didnt love me anymore. Arguments then got to a point where he was so sarcastic and unreasonable in conversations that he made me cry. Itall came out on the thursday, we split on the sunday, and he started talking and meeting up another girl on the wednesday. He was insanely lucky to even get a chance with me, and this was the way he thought he could treat women. It still really hurts, but as far as im concerned- iv made a lucky escape. My self-esteem is rising and my confidence has returned. Im better than him. Anyone who makes you feel that low, makes you cry that much, tells you they love you, then throws it all away for the chance of sex with another person, is someone not worthy of love. All i know, is that i tried. I spose you have to get through all of the crap guys until you get to the gud ones, and then you find the best.


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