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Don't Let Yourself be Abused

Abusive men latch on to innocent victims like magnets. the very first sign of abuse, physical or verbal put down's, you must never cater to that man again. I say cater, as we start trying to please them, and that is a never ending possibility. There is no way they are ever pleased. You do everything sooo perfect, and he will find some stupid thing to put you down. (verbal), and later hit you. they lie, charm you at first, then change into a nightmare, that is beyond even the wildest imagination. You truly feel you are going crazy..

the only way to spare yourself, girls, is don't go there, ever. if he shows any sign of violence or abuse, drop him as soon as possible. it's a proven fact, they get worse and worse. and your self-esteem gets so low, you have no energy to think, let alone leave. and forget sex, it was never good anyway. (slam bang). he gets more narcissitic and hides money. (control).

there was hardly any fun and laughter at first, now it's just like the movie "sleeping with the enemy". one out of two men are abusive. search the divorce rate. be very very careful, who you live with or marry. and they are not easy to get rid of, as their ego inflates, not any caring. they could care less about anything, but themselves. I only pray, I have spared you from heartaches and black eyes. (a miserable time). I don't know their problems, but you could be marilyn monroe and perfect, and they aren't ever pleased. you'll soon see signs as they can't hide them. please do not igore them. it's your life and happiness. Look for fun and laughter, just the two of you. they make fun of a pedestrian, their morbid sense of humor. the Best of Luck, and Happiness


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