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if he touch me all hell is going to break lose.

we'll It all started when i met my this boy, which is know my ex. We'll when we first met, I was dating someone else at the time. But when i finally started dating him a year after that, everything was good. But About a month later, everything changed, when i recevied a phone call, it was girl claming she was going with him. I asked her who this was, she was like don't worry about. So, she asked me did i go with him, i told her not to worry about it. So then I hung up with her, and called my ex cellphone, but when i did call the girl picked up, and we got the arguing again. The last thing i told her was that if i ever see her, i was going to cut her. So when i finally talked to my ex, he told me everyhting. He told me that he cheated on me, meaning sleeping with her. I told him that i hope her (you know what) was good enough to throw away this relationship cause it's over. I couldn't believe it, I told him we could never even be freinds. And now the new girlfreind he has now, he beats on her. He never did that with me, cause if he did he would be dead right now, i ain't playing. But one day he will get what he deserves, if he touch me all hell is going to break lose.


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