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i love you so much gorgeous!

well i am just a lil 16 yr old boy...all u older women will b lookin now going OHH only 16 and its just growing up blah blah....by the way that is a load of crap...well i had been going out with the most incredible girl ..i cud get a girl alot prettier but it is just sumthing bout this 1 that makes me melt. but yeah we went out for 10 months and she had become everything to me, i loved her ...and still do ..its only been a month but how i feel hasnt changed and i see her more often now then i did wen we were dating, yes its wierd. but i still love her and we r the best of friends, we even joke around about the dude she likes. i talk 2 her heaps. but yeah she broke it off with me becuase she just fell out of love with me and i didnt see it coming, i wanted this girl forever and ever but shit happins ay. i dunno but i dont think we willl ever date again as much as it hurts me but i have excepted it and i am choosing to wait 4 her to see if she will EVER love me again. i love you so much gorgeos!


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