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I just have to find a way to make him realize that as well

Our relationship was perfect, or so I thought anyways. Me and my ex had been dating on and off for quite a long time, I felt very attached to him from the first time we met, and I seriously thought that he was "the one" I just felt some sort of connnection to him! We had broken up a few times before this but it was always him to break up with me. I never even would've dreamed of dumping him. I can't help but wonder though if I did something to make him dump me or what, I honestly didn't understand, he had became my best friend and he told me that we could still stay in touch and that he would always be there for me. That was a lie I suppose. I've only heard from him once since we broke up, and that was in an email, which was only like 2 lines long! Well to get to the point, when he broke up with me, he never gave a specific reason, we were on the phone, talking and stuff, and then just what seemed like right out of nowhere he goes "We need to go our seperate ways" and wow, was I shocked. I'm still in love with him till this day, and I'm trying everything in my power to get him back. He hasn't dated nobody since we broke up so I'm thinking I might still have a chance, I know that me and him are meant to be together, I just have to find a way to make him realize that as well


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