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i met my ex boyfriend at a bon fire

i met my ex boyfriend at a bon fire that me and a friend planned out hoping to find prom dates. well we both did...we both went for each others guy friends....well once i got to really know my ex i started falling for him big time...he was tall, dark and handsome....anyways when he asked me out everything went down hill from there. he never kissed me or held me unless we were around his friends, i was like his trophey girlfriend. i couldn't hang out with my friends and we never even went on a single date alone with each other. after 5 months of this i left for school and broke up with him. i then dated his friend and the whole time my ex was calling me names and just being rude to me and my family and friends...when we finally decided to talk again to be friends (because he was a really good friend) i decided to spend my summer hanging out with him. well one night him and his best friend and i decided to chill at this place, my ex decided to sleep so me and his friend...well made out...i know big mistake especially since he had a girlfriend...anyways my ex woke up and freaked about it...now he won't talk to me or anything and i feel bad about it but honestly i am single and im just confused because i think i might still like him. granted he would have to change his behavior around me and towards me.


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