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I think that when you truly love someone you always do

When I was 17 years old I met who I thought was the man of my dreams. We were together every day and things were really good. Even though we were very young, he asked me to marry him, got his mom's ring and everything when we were 18. I accepted it, but I didn't think we'd get married right away or anything, I just left it at someday because the thought of it all was very overwelming. When I was 19 and he was 20 things started to change. Things started gradually getting worse and worse and one day he just called me on the phone and said he didn't love me anymore. A year later at 21 he married some other girl.
I think about this all the time because obvioulsy I got no closure from the whole thing and their were things that happened in the relationship that I am not about to put on the internet. I realise that we were very young and too young to be in that kind of relationship, but he haunts me to this day, eight years later. He has never talked to me again and I can't help but feel that maybe if things had been different in that situation, I wouldn't feel so horrible now.
I think that when you truly love someone you always do. I don't know what his story is or the why's of what happened, because I didn't chase him when he ended it. I do know that I miss him and that he really was what I wanted regardless of how everything went down.
I don't know if he thinks about me or not, but I do think of him all the time. I don't think I'll ever love anyone the way I loved him.


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