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I just broke up with this man i dated for about 6 months

I just broke up with this man i dated for about 6 months he claimed that he was heartbroken many times and that he is scared to get heartbroken again.Me and him confided in eachother, plus i was getting over my ex boyfriend before him.First i thought he was using me, but it got deeper,we broke apart 2 times in the relationship,and prior to that,i finally told him that i was falling in love with him,the relation ship finally hit the end of the road when i became confused. I then told him that i would even be his sex partner, then he considered it. then He started saying that i didn't deserve him and i deserve better.But i didn't listen. Anyway we broke it up for good when he said he had another woman,and i think he was messing around when we split up those two times.Any way i am talking to other guys at this time and he has a new woman, but i still get PRIVATE phone calls at 3a.m. and wierd text messaging on my phone with no callback numbers. Somtimes i still cry because i still love him, but im mad because he hurt me I still think that i want him back, and i have done nothing to him, So do you think it will hit him that he hada one in a million, when i met him he was homeless from a house fire, and he has five kids taking care of three im 22 with no kids.I was there for him when he had nothing.


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