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i'm only 15 and acting more mature than him.

Me and my bf was together 5 months and while we were together he always promised me that he never would lie to me,that he loved me more than any other girl & that he'd never cheat on me because he wanted to be with me for as long as possible...yeah i know that's what every boy say but i really believed him because he's 2 years older than me and at my school he was voted "Best Looking","Best Style" and "Best Smile" so he could have any girl he wanted but instead he chose me..a freshman and he was a junior.Needless to say the rumors about him turned out to be true but it took for me & a girl that liked him to almost fight for his ex-girlfriend's sister to tell me that through Nov.-Mar. my bf was dating her sister and that's also why she quit her job(they worked togther).The girl broke up with him when she found out about me because since January he was cheating on her and really me,too.The thing is this rumor was started in Mar. but nobody knew the girl's name so when i confronted him he acted REAL dumb and denied it and in May the rumors were confirmed but since i loved him so much i tried to work it out....it didn't work,because when i told him i knew about what happened because i talked to the girl myself and his brother and friends also told me about the girl he still denied it, so exactly 1 week and 6 days later we broke up!!!But what makes this break up so hard is that 5 min. after the break up he called me and asked "are we still cool man??" and being dumb i told him yes.On Mon. when i saw him i remembered he had something that belonged to me that was worth $249 but i had returned his stuff & he refused to give it to me and then when he finally decided to give it back..he gave it to my friend but it was dead it- needed to be charged-he had the charger and when i told him i want it back he said "people in hell want ice water!" and walked away.He changed his cell #,wouldn't answer his house phone and avoided me in the hallways.So to get to now...his number will show up on my caller id and when i call him back he tells me "i was bored and i thought i'd play with your mind...but i still love u!!" and hang up on me.My ex turned 17 this Mon. and is still continuing his childish ways...and i'm only 15 and acting more mature than him.
Moral of this story:Love is for suckers!!!


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