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He was Five Years Older and a Jerk

I started going out with this guy who was 5 years older than me.. we met in the summer , i guess he just got over a 2 year relationship with some girl that broke up with him. we hung out for a while and hooked up and then he started being an XXX.

we never talked for months, until one day we saw each other and talked for a bit.. we started dating, and then one day he tells me that his ex girlfriend was coming down to visit and was staying with him.. he actually said "wouldnt that be cool.",.. i didnt know what to say,, i freaked out and called him and asked him what the hell his problem was?.. he explained that she might be commin to live with him.. i was ready to kick this guys' XXX.

then later he tells me that he was just "testing Me",, to see what i would say.. what a XXX. so that was done with, he made up a bunch of excuses that didnt even make sense...

another couple months went by, we made up and started talking as friends.. he asked me out again i dont know if he did just to see what i would say but i was better than that i was finished with his bs.. guess he only wanted something when he wanted it, this time hes not gettin it..


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