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I hope that people can learn from "Smudge's" mistake and that it will come ot an end.

I am fifteen years old and three months ago was dating another fifteen year old guy, "Smudge". We had been dating for quite a while and I soon realised that I had fallen pregnant after one of the many "sleepovers" we had.

When I became pregnant, my parents forbided me to go partying with my friends. I soon heard rumors at school that my boyfriend "Smudge" wascheating on me with my best friend "Maccy".

As they were both able to go partying, I learnt that they quickly became very good friends by going to the parties together. I also learnt from my true friends that they had been sleeping together at the parties.

I was personally told by another close friend that he had been cheating on me. I later found out that "Maccy" was pregnant and that she and "Smudge" had planned to move out into "Maccy's" older sister's flat.

"Smudge" had planned to leave me but I left him first. When I later saw my ex-best friend, "Maccy", at school there was a small fight on the stairs that ended with me falling down the stairs after a misplaced slap.

It resulted me going to hospital, I suffered a miscarriage because of my boyfriend stupidly cheating on me when I would have been a little happier if he had just left me instead of causing the death of our child.

I was especially angry to know that one of my best friends, who had been let in on their little secret, had lied to me. She promised me to tell me if there was anything wrong with "Smudge", but she didn't and she broke that promise.

I am currently friends with her now but I can never, ever forgive "Smudge" for what he did and it is very unlikely that I can ever forgive "Maccy" for continuing the relationship even though she was supposed to be my best friend.

I hope that people can learn from "Smudge's" mistake and that it will come ot an end.


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