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I hope that the test does prove that I am not the father

I am in love with my best friends wife. She is the most beautiful woman in the world. Although she has very big eye brows, and I am told that she has an obsession with rodents. My best friend, her husband, has told me that it is a fetish.

I really like her because we dated for a while in college, but then she cheated on me with my twin brother at a party. After that I didn't see her for a while until she began dating my best friend. I tried to warn him of our previous relationship, but he completely ignored my advice and continued with their relationship.

Sixteen months later, they were married and she is expecting her first child. What my best friend doesn't know is that the baby isn't his, it's mine. I don't want to tell him and neither does his wife.

We had a short fling that resulted in her pregancy. After her husband was in an accident and was forced to stay at the hospital, she invited me over where the tension in the atmosphere was very strong. Very soon, I awoke naked next to her in bed. I apologised and she asked me not to tell my best friend.

I am worried that he will find out and will leave his wife and never speak to me again. I don't want his wife, but if he does leave her, I would look after our child. As soon as the child is born, I expect that his wife will have a DNA test done. I hope that the test does prove that I am not the father.


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