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I realizes that he has been lying to me for the entire time.

I met this guy two years ago. I was not looking for a realationship. He was aggressive and pursued me. It was about three years since my last realationship. Needless to say we got involved. Now it's over after two years. He have this thing with going on line in chat rooms to pick up women. About a year and a half into it I found out he had a profile up. By this time we had gotten engaged. We met in March he had set up the profile in October of the same year. I kept forgiving him. We even went to counsling but that did not help. The last straw for me was when I called him on Monday and was talking to him about us and where we are heading. He was telling me we was still engaged but was online talking about how he broke it off. I called him on Tuesday at 10pm and he said he was sleeping but by 11:47 he was responding to this girl who had email him telling him she was horny for them to meet up. I called at 12 and he was not there. I realize then that I was putting my life in danger and that there was no way that he actually love me if not he would not be doing the things he did. It's fresh so it still hurts but I know that I will get over it. I just wish that people that be honest. I realizes that he has been lying to me for the entire time.


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