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I do believe that everything happens for a certain reason and that reason is for the best

Our romance started when we first met at a terminal where he offered me to ride with him because we have the same destination. Me, going home after a week of working, and him, going home too after he finished his transaction there. And to make that story short, he courted me, and i say yes, since i like him and i feel comfortable with him. Our relationship didn't go smoothly from the start. It seems that I'm the only one eager to see him everytime i go home in our place. But he became close with my family and we became so close until one day he just texted me and told me that we have to stop because he got his karma. I was really shocked coz i dont know what that was all about. So I decided to talk to him and to let him tell what's going on. Anyway, that time I was really in love with him and I cant afford to loose him. When we met he told me that he has other girl and he love that girl more than he loves me. And that he just used me. I was really hurt because I have given all to him and that was all who could say. And to add insult to injury he told me that he used me because I let myself to be used by him. I really felt so down and torn into pieces. Actually until now I cant still recover from so much heartache. I hope I can still find a guy who will really love me and not use me for some selfish reasons...
Maybe his not worthy of my love and I do believe that everything happens for a certain reason and that reason is for the best.


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