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she gave me lame excuses, lies, misery, and grief

It all started when she storms off after I get on her for threatening to throw a gift I had for her in the garbage. I assumed things were over at that point and started preparing for the end. The next day she apologizes for freaking out and I had a feeling that things were rebounding.

However, the day after that she approaches me and reads a prepared statement filled with technical jargon similar to a press conference. It contained the words no guy wants to hear. Perhaps the most damaging parts of the statement were the ones that contained personal smack, which included "you are not sexually attractive", "I didn't want it then and I never want a relationship with you", and "you forced yourself on me". After some questioning on my part, she revealed to seeing a shrink a few days prior who told her to write it. When I asked why, she screamed, stomped her foot and ran off.

The bottom line is for nearly two years I saw this as a strong relationship and she pulls the rug out from under me. The final blow came when she asks me if we were still friends. WHAT??!! You stab me in the back with your ridiculous accusations and insults, wait all this time to tell me this, and you actually expect me to consider you a friend? GEEZ! Give ME a break!

I gave her attention, affection, and courtesy while she gave me lame excuses, lies, misery, and grief. I'd write more, but why should I waste any more of my time on her?


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