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I Might Give Him a Second Chance

i was with this boy for about three months. Me and him got on very well,we did everything togethe.It was a time when we both had bad problems we were both around the same age except he was a little older im 17 and hes 18.We were a good cupple as a lot of people useto tell us, stick together.We always helped each other no matter what.

About 2 weeks before we finished he started bothiring with these lesbain girls which i really didnt like.I let him go out with the boys one night and i decided to meet up with him that night to as i was bored at home.So i went down to pub to see him but he had already left the pub with two other girls.I was told by the bouncer on the door his own uncle he said to me he didnt want to hurt me because i didnt deserve it i was to good for him. his uncle whos a bouncer had told me he was snogging this girl in the pub which was a lesbain.When he told me i was disgusted i waited talking to the bouncers at the door.About half an hour after waiting i saw him coming back with these to girls i.

He come over to me trying to kisss me and i pussed him away he new something was wrong i talked him and he denide everything i was told.I new he was lying i could see it all over his face.I told him it was over and went to hit the girl hed suppose to had gone with.The bouncer and his mate stoped me and said it wernt worth it and told me to go home i told him i was going home and it was finished.

He is naw in prison and we are keeping in touch by writting and hes ringing me up which i like he is also telling me naw he is straight that he knows what he wants.And he loves me and he wants another go when he come out thats in a year about that.I think he is sorting himself out naw well i hope. I told him i will most probley give him another chance.I know i can trust him and give him another chanc i dont want to losehim i love him so much but im afraid i meet someone in the time im waiting for him and fall in love again.I really dont want that or to hurt him thank you


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