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Love is one of the hardest thing to explain in life

I had been with my ex for 11 years and we both were the first loved and high school sweet hearts. Until last year, both of our life start to shift. He met a girl in Hawaii (His hometown) few years back while we were still together but then he claimed this girl is his friend and nothing else when I asked if he/she like each other. They text message and talk often over the phone when she moved away to Las Vegas and while he is still in Hawaii. It bothers me so much that I told him if he could stop the connection with her and it turns out we always argue about this issue and nothing change.
Now last year, he went to LA for career and told me that he is going there for money and nothing else. Do I believe it? Yes, but then here is a twist. After 2 months of settling in LA, he called me and told me he likes her. We broke up shortly after this incidence. The girl went to LA to see him and he went to vegas to see her behind my back.
4 months later, I met a guy and we start dating. I didn't have the same passion like I was with my ex, but then I was happy with him and thought if I should move on with my life. I called my ex one day and ask if he want me to move on and forget about him. It turns out that he wants me back. That was disgusting because I went back with my ex after that stupid call. He brought me the airline and vegas concert tickets to go there and spend the christmas with him at LA and vegas last year. I hesitated because he did not reassure my feelings after he cheated on me and yet my family convinced me not to go because of what he did. I didn't listen and went there anyway. I thought things seems to work out fine for both of us until I found out he went to vegas to see her again 3 months after christmas. Someone told me he's in love with that girl and I'm guessing he is with her while he was with me at the same time. I was shocked and thought it over about our relationship again. I called and told him I would go to LA to see him, but he told me don't push him. From here, you don't have to guess what happen next...he told me the 2nd time that he likes her. This time hit me hard deep inside my heart. I was naive enough to think he would treasure me the 2nd time and feel sorry of what he did. But thought it through that it was ME that initate the calls and action all these time and it was ME to think he still loves me. We ended our 11 years of relationship 3 months ago. I just don't know how long will it take me to get over him. Just feeling hurt how can a 11 years of relationship ended like that. Oh by the way, I was suppose to move to LA 1 month before we broke up. Love is one of the hardest thing to explain in life. Until now, I still feel frustrated and constantly ask how/why it all happened.


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