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i woz with my bf 2 yrs i luved im 2 bits

i woz with my bf 2 yrs i luved im 2 bits he said we cud move in 2getha this yr so i got busy planning and excited, atho we argued alot i thort tha we cud cope coz we loved each otha n evrybody argues then a day b4 his bday i went up and he finished wit me i woz gutted n he wudnt comfort me jus told me 2 go home, n sed we mite get bk 2getha we mite nt il ring u if u wan so i went campin and a coupla days lata i tx im sayin dnt bother but then afta 2wks i missed im so rang n sed can we b mates and who knows in time and he said he has a new gurl! 2 yrs we wer 2getha n it took im 2 wks, i started cryin n he sed y cry it wnt change nething n i sed wel u moved on 2 quick he sed wel theres no point mopin n i dnt like the single life so i sed well y finish it n he sed coz we wer crap!


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