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I should have left him for not trying hard enough to be a good husband and instead he left me

We dated for three years before marrying. Before marrying everything was good. After marrying, I tried to be the perfect wife, but he was emotionally not very involved. In fact he started acting like an observer of his own marriage. Not yet one and a half years into our marriage, he started talking to another woman (who was married with children) on the phone for hours at a time and for months. I found out by accident when I found the cellular phone bill. Anyway, he left because he said he was not ready for marriage. He left me in the apartment which happened to be in his parents' home. I waited for him for five agonizing weeks to snap out of it but he didn't so I left and went to live with family. I am so heart broken. I know he's not worth it, but my heart is still terribly hurt. I am still in shock. We talk once in a blue moon and he cries often but he's not sure whether we'll ever get back together, although he says that with the other girl, they don't want to go any further than that. I wish I could just forget him but I married him and he seemed like such a stable, loyal guy. Instead, he was weak and cowardly and lacked strength of character. I tried so hard to do the right thing and everything for him was such an effort. I should have left him for not trying hard enough to be a good husband and instead he left me.


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