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I sped into my driveway only to be confronted by six weapons drawn on ME!

My story is TRUE. It all happened.
I met A* thru another freind of mine, she was very pretty, very smart and very sexy. The chemistry flowed between us like a whirlwind, it was amazing. After three months of being totally emersed in each other we got married. We lived in my house, a nice brand new house, and for the first three years all was amazingly perfect. We loved each other while respecting the need for time with freinds. One day out of the blue my EX decided to start a charity. I made enough money for her to quit her job and spend time focusing on her kids and our home. This Charity was to help single moms find jobs, homes and transportation if needed so they did not have to depend on a man to take care of them. Most were battered in some way. The first two people that we decided to help out were by chance a lesbian couple, now dont get me wrong, i love lesbians. We could not afford to give them money so i gave them jobs were i was a manager at the time. They actually moved into my office in my house. I painted it for them, found them furniture etc. My wife had been spending time with them to show them how to change there situation for the better. Then my ex's grandpa died. So off to FL she and the two Lesbians went. Three days later they came home and my wife acted different. She was all of the sudden trying to get money by any means neccesary. I am a DJ at night so i had gigs to do. One night i got home from a gig around 4am. one of the "girls" was up complaining of Asthma. she was out of her puffer medicine. I was in no shape to drive her to the hospital, so i called an ambulance. They came and took her to the hospital and i went to bed. My ex was asleep and would not get up (sleeping pills). The next morning i awake to all three of them sitting in the bedroom gigling. I went to the bank to cash the DJ check, they all stayed there. about an hour later I was pulling into my neighborhood when i noticed a white blazer following me. As i turned onto my street i saw six police cars in front of my house. I sped into my driveway only to be confronted by six weapons drawn on ME! They took me out of the car and threw me onto the ground and handcuffed me. off to jail i went. I was arrested for aggrevated spousal abuse, attempted rape and drug paraphanalia. First off I do not hit women, i protect them. when i got released form jail 28 hours later, the judge told me that i could not contact my wife nor go there. I had no money, no clothes, no vehicle nothing but a tank top and shorts that i had on. When the cops threw me on the ground they removed my wallet, all my gold jewelry and gave my wife the keys to my van. So i had no place to stay except at one of my freinds house. that dont sound bad except he was a 36 year old man that lived with his parents, had no job and loved his extracurricular activities. We slept on a pair of bunk beds. my feet hung off and i was on top. Speed forward a little. My wife alleged that i beat her that morning, raped her with a screwdriver and did it all in front of her 7 year old and the lesbian couple. Even the cops noticed there was not a mark on me while she was messed up good. I could not go to my house for two months. at the end of the two months i went to court facing 6 years and would have to register as a sex a-offender. finally the truth came out. the lesbians could not see me (the MAN that gave them a place to live, a car and a job) go to jail for something that i did not do. They said at court that the original plan that my wife had come up with was to kill me and take the life ins. but when they got me fired (another story) the ins went away, that is when they decided to stage the above incident. One of the girls admitted that she was the one that beat up my wife and the other said she raped her with the screwdriver and then they planted all kinds of drug paraphanalia in my van. I was released with many apologies from the cops and DA's. The two lesbians went to jail then got released then they ran. When i went back to my house it was trashed. Everything that i owned was gone. All my clothes, tools, toys, dishes you name it, it was gone. Not only did they sell it all, they ran up all the bills, for example the cable bil was 675.00 in pay-per-view. Up to twenty movies a day were rented. All my carpet was trashed, my beautiful yard was trashed, there were 67 big bags of trash in the garage. holes in the walls and the whole house smelled of cat urine. I video taped all of the damage to the house and to my van(they wrecked her car and took the ins. money) and damaged my van beyond belief. You think this is the worst? it gets better. They continue to pull insurance fraud, writing bad checks, trying to get loans on my SSN. so i had to pay for a divorce (gladly) and then i find out that she is being sued for 50,000.00 she stole from an old buisness friend of mine. I have left out many of the things she had done to me but alas, a new city and a year have made me feel better. I had to sell my beautiful house (for a loss) and start over from the very bottom. but a lot of good came from this, I found God. found my true friends and got a great job making almost twice as much as i did. She is on the run from the law. the two beautiful children are paying the price of a whore mother. the last i heard they were still not in school, and she is adicted to coke and prescription pills. I pray nightly for them to be safe and for her to meet her maker.


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