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So maybe everything we went through was fake and it was her all along.

I come a very strick family. Meaning no dating, no friends, no phone calls. I was 16 years old and my best friend invited me over her house for her brother's home coming from the army. I snuck out the house in the afternoon to do even that. Well, I haven't seen her brother for two years and we clicked. So behind the whole world's back we secretly went out. On our first "date" he took me to one of the highest buildings in New Orleans and there I had my first kiss. But then the world crashed, my cell phone rang and it was my mother. She commanded that I came home and I refused. He drove me around for hours to confort me and afterwards my mom literally whopped me. Even after that, I was still the happiest person in the world. To me I was a "nerd" and here I was going out with probably the hottest guy ever. He was everything I wished for, Understanding, smart, cute, and he really liked me. I had stars in my eyes and saw no one else. So I continued to see him secretly and eventually I lost my virginity to my baby, my hero, my "angel". I remember this one time where we went by the lake and talked for hours and hours until we watched the sun come up. We even talked of our future and our lives together. I knew he was secere because all I had to do was look in his eyes and know. So the second time I got caught my mother took everything out of my room and hid it for a week and almost slit my hand with a knife. The thing is my mother was going through a very rough divorce and just wanted me safe. I really loved her so I called him to break up and cried myself to sleep. The next morning I realized what I did and called him to take back every word I said. I guess it was too much to take because eventually he started to lose interest in me. I knew he still liked me a lot but I was in love.I have always loved him from the first time I spotted him looking down from a ferris wheel a long time ago. I have always dreamed that your first love would be your first and only person you would ever need but I was wrong because we broke up eventually. There was this one girl. Our " cover-up" He told everyone that she was his girlfriend so noone would suspect us. For my mother, his sister (she treaten to call the cops on us because of our age differents. SHe refused to believe her best frined was going out with her brother??? and even my closest friends were against it ( I have no idea why) But still three days after our breakup he started going out with that girl. I was heartbroken and we had our first fight ever and he drove out at three in the morning to try to confort me. I refused to see him and a week later he told me he saw me as a sister? And that he hoped one day when things were better we would get back together and that no matter what he would come running if I called. I was confused for these mixed signals were driving me nuts. My father eventually came back and my mother became less stricked but I still had to sneak out after nine. I tried so hard to ger over him. I've been on many dates with guys that sincerely liked me a lot but I always rejected their love for they were still not you. It's been two and a half years and no one could replace my first love. My heart burns for only him and my perfect photogenic memory makes me remember everything so clearly. It hurts so bad that I could cry as freshly as if we first broke up. No one ever loved me and he was the only one but why couldn't I let anyone else in? Because guys today only want one thing I so scared of getting hurt again. I found out a week ago my "baby" still goes out with that girl and he loves her with all his heart. So maybe everything we went through was fake and it was her all along.


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