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My girlfriend of a year left me recently

My girlfriend of a year left me recently; her reasons were that she needed to be alone to figure things out for herself, saying that she wanted to make herself happy without anyone else doing it for her. Hurt like hell but everyone needs to be able to make themselves happy.
I had thought, as well as everybody else that she was completely happy with me. She always talked about me in front of her friends and family, her friends love me and her family does as well. This came as a complete shock when she decided to close the book on us. I had done everything for her, did things for her that most couldn't or wouldn't do out of the goodness of my heart. Sometimes it sucks being the nice guy. We had spoken seriously about marriage and kids; scary for kids in college but hey, that's what you do when you're here right...eventually look for someone who you'd enjoy spending a good bit of your life with.
Well now its a couple weeks out of our relationship, which I would say was pretty serious, even though it only lasted a short while by most comparisons, and the girl has already found herself a new boyfriend.
She told me she wasn't in love with me anymore and that she had lost the spark and felt that there was nothing left. Tough pill to swallow; how can one manage to do an about face in all of this and suddenly contradict her reasons for leaving me and now repeat the same damn thing over again?
I miss her so damn much, I was in a previous relationship of 4 years, and the one year I had with her is no comparison to the other. This girl taught me how to love, she taught me exactly what that meant. Now she's left my life and I don't know if she will ever be back in it.
Everyday is just a little bit harder; things all around me remind me of us. I love her with all of my heart despite the way she ended it and has apparently moved on so quickly as she says she has. I would love to have her back in my life, that's all I hope for these days. Some days I feel physically sick from all of this...I'm just a shell of my former self...


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