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My story is an ongoing one. My ex and I were love at first sight- he swept me off my feet, wined and dined me and we were engaged within two months of meeting. He moved in with me and then less than 5 months later he had found someone new and left me for her. This was less than two weeks before Christmas!

I was devastated; I spent all of the Christmas season lying on the couch watching CNN (which I never watch) and I wouldn't eat- I was numb, shocked, a ball of tears!

He showed up at my house two days after New Years and wanted me back; I took him back with open arms, hoping the love was still there. We lived together again immediately - he just moved back in and we were happy again... for a short time. He began looking at porn on the internet excessively and before I knew it he was regularly talking to girls in chat rooms and calling them on the phone.

We broke up but still lived together for months before our lease was up together and we could move out. He at one point traveled to Idaho to meet a 16 year old he had met in a chat room and felt he had fallen in love with through hot & heavy phone sex and late night conversations (while I still lived with him).

STILL months later we reconciled and I took him back with full hopes. I am a glutton for punishment. We have since broke up and now he's leaving the country in the Army- he's going to Kosovo... do I say good riddance? Or do I dare do what he wants me to do & wait for him in hopes that we can work things out upon his return? I asure you I am an intelligent college graduate who normally makes good decisions. Only not with HIM... the one I built a false wish of a future around and refuse to let it shatter...


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