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Part of me wishes him the best because I do love him.

I don't want my ex-boyfriend, yet I feel like I need him. He has hurt me endlessly without even realizing it. He waited too long to break up with me. This is the only thing I hold against him. Maybe if he would have broken up with me early in the relationship, I would not be goig through this. I can't eat, sleep, or concentrate on my school work. He decides to break up with me right before finals. I wish that he would have broken up with me until after the school semester was over, just to make my grades. He broke up with me, and I know it's to go back with his ex-girlfriend. It makes me sad that he's going back with an abusive girlfriend. This girl cheated on him, asked him to sign his rights away as a father, left him for another guy, and would treat him like sh** (excuse my language). I never did any of those things. I was the complete opposite. I loved him unconditionally, accepted his kids, never cheated on him, and never abused him. I would go far and beyond what is expected from a girlfriend. I did everything! He knows I did nothing wrong; he told me. I just don't understand; if I didn't do anything wrong, why does he go back to his ex? He says he has always loved her and will always love her. Who am I then? Were we living in a lie for over a year? What about the times he told me he loved me and held me all night? It hurts me to know that she's going to hurt him again. I never thought I wouldn't care as much about my own feelings thinking about someone else's well-being. I just don't understand him. I wish I did. Part of me wishes him the best because I do love him. He knows I do. I have not only told him, but I have showed him. I LOVE HIM!


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