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Karma is a b**** and it will come back around the same old way!

When it comes to 20 yr olds dating, you would think that if the man was going to break up with you he would do it face to face or the very least in a conversation over the phone. Me and my ex had gone out before. During the period we broke up it was over an argument about his birthday suprise I had for him. Well needless to say he was pretty pissed about the whole thing. The funny thing was during this time he friend was there for me and was telling me how much of a butthole he was! Confused and hurt i told his friend I liked him. Even though I really did not mean it, I thought i did at the time.Remember, we were not going out at this time. Nothing was said between me and my ex's friend about it. It was one of those things lost in air. Well a few days ago my ex was ignoring my phone calls, my texts and would not return them either. Come to find out his friend told him about the small innocent comment that was never brought up again. But to show you just how imature my ex is he broke up with me over a text message. And that was after i finally texted him the last message asking him if it was over or if we were going to talk. Keep in mind I tried calling him but he would only respond to the texts. What has this world come to where man use text messaging as a way of cowarding out? What a pussy he is. And the funny thing is he even admitted to it once again through another text. He was too much of a imature BOY who needs to realize that he needs to grow up and make mature, wise and respectable decisions. Not only that he was thinking about breaking of with me and used the meaningless comment I made as one of the most pittyful excuses I have ever heard! That is alright though because charma is a b**** and it will come back around the same old way!


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