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It happened last year

It happened last year, I liked a this guy 3 months after we were being best friends we went out. I trusted him, he had never told my secrets and i never told his. We went out and things started getting complicated. He smoked and drank and i didn't really like it bc he was hurting himself. I wanted was best for because i cared. One thing is i never pushed him. I never told him you better quit or i will break up with you. I love this guy and i will always no matter what. He started liking this other girl that was bi and she was always flirting with him. I hate to say it like this but she was a slut and EVERYONE knew it. I would ask who is she? one thing they would say she's a slut and i even asked him he said no way! she would cheat on me if i went out with her. they sent notes to each other people would come up to me and tell me. I guess i wanted to believe that he didn't like her, later on he admitted to me he did. It crushed me so bad i couldn't eat i could only think about him. Every song made me cry and think about him. He went away for like 8 months only way to talk to him was letters and calls. It felt like he didn't even try to see me. I was so crushed about him that i went out with this other guy that made me happier. But yet i still seem to have feelings for him. I still think what is he doing right now. I know that i can never be with him because of our differences. Hope he knows why i did what i did.


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