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I dumped him, needless to say

it was a helter skelter ride of a relationship for three years, on one minute then off again.Our last seperation we spent six months apart and then we met up again in febuary and started seeing each other again.
He drinks a lot and started to get verbally and physically abusive so i decided that if he was gonna carry on like that i wouldnt have him stay over , id ask him to leave and id go to bed, just so that we didnt end up fighting again.He would normally cause the rows by bringing up the fact that id seen other guys in the six months we'd been apart.He had relationships as well but i figured that we had been apart and it didnt really matter now so decided never to mention it.Even when my nan was dieing he started a row one night and then when he got home he just wouldnt stop calling me and being idiotic so i switched all the phones off, my nan died that night and my family couldnt contact me so i didnt get to the hospital in time.He even started the night of her funeral.The last row we had, he started going on at me again bout the past and i said i was going to bed , he could join me or go home, well he poured beer all over my sofa and then left but he didnt go home, he went to one of his ex'x house.I found the texts the next day that hed sent her,all kissy kissy and sweet, like he used to be with me.
I dumped him, needless to say, i think i put up with enough trying to make us work, it would seem he wasnt as in love with me as i was with him.
what a total knob jockey!!!!!!!


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