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true love, real true love never fails or fades.

I'm still in love with my ex, my true soul mate!

We started dating when we were both still in high school, and he was a little bit more trouble than I was ready for, but together we grew and made it down some pretty bumpy roads. We broke up somewhere along the way because he lied to me about some things, but we tried to remain friends. Well to tell you the truth, he tried to get over me and I kept coming around and such. I dated other guys, and he stayed single for the most part. I always loved him, no matter what we were doing in life, and who we were with. I was with a REAL JERK and he said that I couldn't talk to him, and that I had to chose. I did. I chose creep and made sure that I just hid the fact that we still talked and hung out. One day my love came to me and said that he needed a job, I got him one where I worked. This is when things got crazy. He fell in love with a woman that we worked with. I hated it, I hated it so much that I left my boyfriend and told him that he couldn't be with her, and to finally be with me again. He came running as I knew he would. It lasted a weekend. This other woman was not attractive, had a low self esteem, was 19 years old and already divorced once, not what I would call to smart, and had no one here, she was from out of state. Although he was with this other woman, as he had been with many others before her, it was just a little bit more in my face I think. We continued to talk and see each other outside of work all the time. She broke into his e-mail once and came to my desk in tears asking why, why her, it's not like I ever hid it from her, but he lied to her all the time. I always told this woman that we were soul mates and nothing would ever change that, and that we were going to continue to talk and see each other no matter who was in our lives, I think that she was in love and ignored me and trusted him. Years went by and they broke up a got back together a few times. He dated people, even a few of her friends. She never found out, there was even a baby born by one of her friends and they had to do a paternity test to make sure it wasn't his, truth be told, it wasn't, but there were 4 others that it could have been. The lies were always so thick, sometimes it even made me think. She moved back home to across country to be with her friends and family, and I thought that we would finally be together, but we didn't. It seems that it was always something or someone. I was with yet another not so great boyfriend and he called me one day and said that he had been keeping in contact with her and he went to see her, and asked her to marry him and he was moving across country to be with her. I couldn't believe my ears, I have never been so hurt in my life, so crushed, so in pain, real pain, heart wrenching pain. I hung up on him and we didn't talk for a long time. When we did talk again, he said he was leaving soon, I asked him to come to me, to see me one last time. He did. He came to my house, and we talked, cried, and held each other, as we laid on the couch that day, I asked him to show me that he still loved me, he said I love you, and I always will, he got up and left, and drove across country with a friend in tow the next day. That weekend I gave this guy I had been flirting with at work a chance, he came over that night, and the next and the next, he never went home again. We were engaged that years Christmas Day, and married the following year. Although we were far apart, we kept in contact all the time with e-mails, and phone calls, I asked him to give me away at my wedding, he didn't, he said that he could never give me to another man, even though he was going to marry another woman, he just couldn't do it. They moved back here a few years back, and we saw each almost right away. I was like not a day had passed since our last visit. I gave him this 4 leaf clover key chain, that is from Ireland, it brings, love, luck and all else that our relationship stands for. My husband has always known about him, and every time we talk and every time we see each other. Thatís how I wanted things to be with us, honest, no lies. He still lies to her, says she'll never find out again, he's been working on her for years I guess. They got married on a beautiful sunny day in July, I was there, hiding amongst the trees, she was beautiful, he so handsome, a day that I had always dreamed to be ours to share. Huge wedding, lots, tons of friends and family, fancy too. I went home and felt this awful pain in my chest, this emptiness inside me, this hole. I tried to drink it away, and it didn't go away. The next day, I realized that although he did marry her, this woman that I had always disliked, it was me he was spending eternity with, not her, and that I hadnít lost a thing, besides, I was happily married to a wonderful man that I plan on spending the rest of our living lives together with, and I'm truly happy with my decision. Still there is just something inside that always makes me think of him, it's a daily thing. We still talk every now and again, and see each other a few times a year, we shared this kiss on our 10th anniversary that was so real, so full of lust, love, passion, promise, we had to both realize that it was that, just a kiss, our lives have changed to much now, and I would never risk my marriage, not even for him and I have to live with that. What ever he chooses to do, that's his thing, I know that his faithfulness is to be questioned, but she'll never see it, she's still to in love with a man that's heart it really with me. Now I know this all sounds kind of weird, but we are both happy with who we chose to marry, and I think that it's just a filler in life, until the time comes to marry each other, either here on earth or in the after life, what ever that may be. Even an old friend of mine that has now become a friend of hers knows that we talk and see each other, and she knows the feelings we share, and I guess everyone just hopes that we'll separate some day, but true love, real true love never fails or fades.


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