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she is still contacting him BEHIND MY BACK

I have a similar problem. I have been with my partner for 2 years. We live as a family with my 5 year old daughter.
THe problem is his ex wife. Shes been an ex since 2003. She found out about me very early on and started on her games. Ringing him constantly. Crying down the phone, etc. Before I came along, she wasnt interested at all. I feel that she just doesnt like the idea that her ex husband has moved on and she hasnt. I contacted her about a year ago and I told her what her interference is doing to each of us, including her. I had hoped that she would see that there are people other than her involved here. But I am fairly mcertain that she cannot see past her own face. She cried down the phone and told me she would stop. She has never let up! My partner feels responsible for her screwing up her life and not coping out in the real world. ANd when she rings telling him about men who wont leave her alone and that she misses him etc he feels bad. I am sick of it! She is extremely immature and self indulgent. I feel like screaming at her to disappear and grow up. I am disgusted by her behaviour and not impressed that he has not been able to get rid of her nicely. Although he has tried on many occassions. We have been trying to fall pregnant for a while now and are looking at getting a home together, moving onwards and upwards so to speak. Meanwhile he got an email from her telling him that she is considering getting back with him but wont have kids and will have to consider his job situation because she doesnt like his job! SHe even wrote a list of things he would need to fix. We were both surprised at that. The woman has real issues. My partner has stated to me many times he never considered repartnering with her as she has too many issues. After seeing the email he reiterated the statement to me again with - 'can you see now what I mean by issues?' Will this woman ever go away, or am going to be doomed to put up with her feeble attempts at reconsiliation while I am with my partner. I dont intend on walking away from my relationship - we have a fantastic relationship - but after 2 years and she is still contacting him BEHIND MY BACK. I hope she finds someone and moves on but she seems to have some real issues with interacting with people. There are no children from their relationship and as far as I am concerned there is no reason for them to be in contact with each other. I find her inteference disrespectful and ignorant. And I am very close to making my feelings known to her.


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