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i am really happy that my ex dumped me : )

Here's my story,i went out with my ex since i was 17,thought it was true love though we had religion issues. it was kind of a long distance relationship and even we didn't mean often sometimes he would fly over and sometimes i would,after 2 years of dating we broke up and he didn't want to see me again and then we both started to date different persons for about 1 year. then he came back saying he missed me and we got back together.the first time we broke up he had asked another girl of his religion to marry him but she said no.Last year i went in a foreign country for my vacations,in the meantime the asshole started dating a girl in his class,though he assured me she was just a friend.2 months later he dumped me saying staying religious differences.I kept calling him and were in contact,then by checking mails i found out that he was dating this girl though he lied and said no.In july last year he got married and a common friend told me when i confronted him he said no.he's been lying since then,as it was a secret marriage and his parents didn't know of it.Finally this year i came to know for sure that he got married at first he denied it but then he finally accepted. I was kind of down and relieved at the same time, as if a burden had been lifted up my shoulder coz he always made me feel guilty that i was not good enough for him while he's been lying all the while and cheating.Now i've met a wonderful guy and it is really tru love,he knows everything abt my past deceptions and failures and takes care of me.We are even planning to get married shortly and i am really happy that my ex dumped me : )


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