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He walked away without saying goodbye

I have an ex who 15 years ago cheated on me. We first met on the first day of school in our Reading/Comprehension class, He was sitting four rows away from me. I found out he liked me from another classmate(Whom I had a crush on), he told me that he wanted to ask me out but I thought it was a joke(That year I was joked around by the guys by them saying they wanted to go out with me, I ignored them). He pointed to him and he smiled at me at the end of class I got the chance to say hi. I found out he wanted to take me to an upcoming dance that year but he told me days later he had another girlfriend we were 14(him) and 16 (I). The rest of the year he argued with me and called me names. I was really was fustrated with him because during that time I briefly thought about getting back together with him(He didn't even know it). The next year he was still at it but little name calling. The classmate who introduced us transfered into another school district and moved. Then in may of that year, two girls from our class told me a little joke saying that he was going out with someone that we knew and I got back saying that I liked this popular guy(whom I had a crush on him) and we were going out. Later that week I was worried the popular guy will find out what I did because my ex is a gossip and I was afraid he might spread a rumour about it. My ex got me back by saying the popular guy told him that he liked me, the next minute I was about to become excited by the news he told me that it was true three times because I asked my ex. then I had a lunch period and was going around annoucing the news. Then I had a music period(I was in A choir for my music class), we had study time for the first 15 minutes then it was a free period a soon as we were allowed to mingle, I went right up to The popular guy and I told him that my ex told me the the popular guy told my ex he liked me, the guy replied No, I was angry, the next 47 minutes I was in tears, my two closest friends comforted me. The end of the year was tough for me, my ex apoliged to me and I tried to say hi to the popular guy but I was embarrassed. The next year I was without my ex for the first time and it was a relief for me. The next year he was back in my life again altough he said Hi to me every chance he got he spread gossip again but me and our friends tried not to let it go far because of someone I was dating might hear but he was warned. I asked him at the end of the year if he wanted to get back together he said no he ask me the same question I said maybe. The next year was the year I decided to ask him back out because I still had feelings for him since Febuary of 1996 he rejected me everytime. then months went by then in July of 1997 I told him how I felt and was thinking of him alot he told me he cared about me too. Weeks went By he applied to a restaurant at the mall where I worked. He Ignored me completely and made me jealous and angry because I heard he said I was a freak. Then he explained how he felt about me on the back of his high school picture(Which I ripped up and threw out). I told him I was Angry at him but he didn't want to hear it. He walked away without saying goodbye after he quit his job and left me without any explaination at all. So I ran into him a couple of times after that. I keep thinking about him and the feelings for him won't go away.


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