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My Ex Got me Pregnant - but Already Had another Girlfriend with 2 Kids

My ex and I were together off and on for 6 years. He lived with me a few times for months at a time. Things were ok for us. than I got pregnant. He dissappeared for months. I caled his mom I called his grandma...nobody would tel me anything.

then when my daugter was 2 months old he called and said that he waned to talk. Of course I fel for his crap and went out with him. when he came to pick me up he just looked at the baby. We went out and we tlked a little and drank alot and we ended up going home together. Well he got up and left the next morning like I should have known he would. I did not hear from him for another month and ten he calls again. I told him that I wanted him to make a decision about me and the baby. he did not have to be with me to see the baby but at least see the baby. Well he said he is not the kid type and he would have to think about things first.

here is the kicker. I found out that he has 2 kids. and a girlfriend and has all these years. even when he was living with me. he was telling his girlfriend that he was staying at his mothers house. I am not sure how I never realzed all this. he even picked me up in her car and called me from her cell phone. He is not with her at this moment but He was sleeping with both of us at the same time and I recently found out that the girl he was "with" has herpes.

I have a appointment next week and I was tested while I ws pregnant I am hoping that this is all a nightmare and I will wake up soon.
Not only did I screw myself by getting involved with this loser I screwed my daughter out of a father.


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