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I wonder why women dislike the actions of men so much

I wonder why women dislike the actions of men so much, our actions are dictated by theirs. being a man, you can't really ever do anything right in the eyes of a woman, if you treat women with respect, you get labeled a "nice guy" and we all know what they get: nothing. If you are a jerk however, for example: self serving,demanding, aloof, uncaring, rude or just interested in one thing, you'll usually get what all women think all men are really after.it's like there is this universal way to treat a women properly, anyone of you could write a book (or website)detailing exactly "what a women wants", but its a trick to see how many men can actually read.no two women ever want the same thing. if u do the things a women wants in general, she'll get bored easily and pass you up, usually for someone u know. a nice body is better than romance,flowers get old,respect is consisdered cowardice and i've yet to find a woman that wants to be given the underappreciated job of acting first-how do i know what u want if u never tell me?by reading the everchanging signs that a rocket scientist isn't meant to understand?you don't want men to understand you,not really-cause then u r vulnerable.the trick of it is then, to get a woman, be a jerk- cause then she'll have a goal- to change you into her ideal man. noone really wants someone they feel they have to live up to, especially in this world full of 'princesses'.if chivalry is dead, it's b/c women don't feed it. ok...enough venting...not trying to sound bitter but i'm getting real tired of finishing last, but i don't want to be anything but a "nice" guy,i've been sorounded by holes my entire life..ok then...here's my story-real short like. i knew this girl for 6 years.knew i loved her since the moment i sat next to her. few years after meeting, she had a guyfriend hint that i should ask her out. i did. we went out for a month. she broke up w/ me and latter said she got nervous cause she was a virgin and sex was goin around like the flu (in my own words,not hers).well, i met this girl 5 months latter and fell in love- she returned my feelings.we broke up b/c she had been sheltered her whole life(once had a winecooler) and my partying made me unattractive-ok.about a year and ahalf after that i fell for the first girl again, we were working together while she wasn't at college and one thing led to another. at that point,she was a pro at sex due to all the practice at college.i didn't care, this was my first crush. i treated her unlike any other guy she'd ever met- she said. we had a great summer and i messed up by telling her i loved her, my mistake. she did return the saying twice, when noone else was around but yet she spent ALL of her free time with a guy that she swore was just a friend- they'd never actually done anything, of course.he was about 200 pounds heavier then her-so i allmost buy that. i ignore him as best as i can, steal her flowers(anyone can buy the one she wants),wrote poetry ( at the suggestion of another girl i might add- never again with the poetry-sure fire loser right there),made mix tapes for her- anything i could to make her feel special- i mean i really put some time and effort into it. then she went back to college.she was sick so i drove 4 hours to see her with some by now cold soup i had made just for her at work (we both worked at a restuarant and i had to pull some strings to be allowed to make my own recipe using their ingredients)and even called to let her know not to make plans-said i had something really important i had to talk about. i show up, she's hosting a party,really courageous for a girl that's so sick.some drunk guy- i find out later hooked up with her- ended up with most of the soup. every time i went to that college, i could just hear her telling her hookups not to tell me about them, and all of them but one was smart enough to shut up about it.he probably doesn't get "any" any more,acting like a jerk like that.everyone was in on this secret but me, it seems. i get back and find out-3 guys i used to hang out with got some of the action way before i did. is that fair? we used to see each other on vacation and she'd say things like i still love you, we just can't always be together- and im in college, i still want you tho. a while ago, she told me she wasn't going to be there for me,she stopped accepting my calls, so i called it quits. i think i called it quits on more than just her tho. i don't really want to please women anymore b/c everytime i do, some jerk walks in and tastes the soup i spent time and effort making, the soup of a "nice guy".k, im done. don't know why i'm putting this, but what the hell. if u feel liketalking,suggesting,defending the woman race-whatever, i'm sure there's a few that will eagerly point out where i went wrong or how she was so different than every other women, i'll listen. why not? what do i have to lose, i'm a nice guy, that's loss enough-yeah yeah,i know,poor me-im not playin for pity.


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