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he called me and now says I dont want to be friends anymore

The ex and I went out for 3 and a half years. He broke it off I was heartbroken I mean heartbroken! He said give me space and I want time to miss you dont contact me Im not going to see anyone else thats not why im leaving is what he said. I didn't do it for a while (give him space that is) cuz i didn't know how to handle what was going on. FInally I let go and for a month straight fought with my self control and didn't call him. I told him hey you know what when you want to try again you can contact me. i waited and waited and hoped and hoped. The day came and he contacted me and said I dont want to regret later in life never giving you another chance. Asked me back out on New Years had sex with me that night! I was happy. However it didnt feel right. Hed tell me he dind't love me almost everyday and that he hadn't found that love he wanted to find. He however still had sex with me knowing he didn't feel the same. A month went by he still played the boyfriend roll kissing me holding me and holding my hand. Going out. Broke up with me again! Told me yes we will for sure get back together later. I was crushed again. He would ask me to come over and hang as friends and kiss me and eventually have sex with me telling me that he liked me a whole lot like 8 out of 10. He would say I dont want a gf but I want you to be the next girl Im with when Im ready. Yes we will get back together absolutely just later. Um its been 8 months and welp he called me and now says I dont want to be friends anymore. All that sex and using me and wow no chance came. Now hes seeing a girl from work with 2 kids wow. Ouch I only found this out today.


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