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they are sick, and they are not gonna change.

She Cheated on my with three different guys in my own bed, I was out of town when she met the first one, a complete stranger, they met at a bar and she brought him to my house the same night and had sex with him in my bed we did not even live together, after that she kept seeing him for 4 months, after I found out I broke up with her, she kept saying that it was an accident and that she wanted me back, I took her back and the last time that I was out of town she slept with two different guys in my bed again on the same day, one was at 3am and the other was around 11pm, one of them she knew from school and the other one she met him at a keg party, how sick is that? and it's true, I call her up and confronted her, she said that nothing happen but after I told her the times and the names of the guys, she admited it, I told her to get out of my life. I will not talk to her ever again. I really feel that it was a bad dream, it's so low and dirty that I never thought I would happen, my advice is to get ride of that person after you find out the first time, they are sick, and they are not gonna change.


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