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He Didn't Believe my Miscarriage - and Slept with 12 women

I started going out with my ex last year. We got on really well but I never expected it to last because I only thought it was a one night stand. He surprised me, turning up the next day and the day after. Everything went well until I found out I was pregnant. To start off with he was with me one hundred percent. Then someone told him I was making it up. I had a miscarriage then later found out he wasn't talking to me because he thought I was a liar. All I wanted was a cuddle but no chance. He wouldn't even look at me. It was at this point that I realized I was in love with him.

I stopped eating and replaced food with vodka. The firday after my miscarriage I got so drunk that I could stop throwing up. All I wanted was him. My sister forced him to come round. When he saw the state I was in he realized I was telling the truth. So we got back together.

Next he went to Spain. He came back covered in love bites and denied everything. I knew he'd cheated on me. I recently found out that he slept with around 12 different women in the space of 2 weeks. Still I forgave him.

Then one day, he just stopped talking to me. Since then he's been round twice but when ever I see him I realize my feelings for him are still there. Now I'm out for revenge. All he did was hurt me and I can't forgive him for breaking my heart. He will pay!


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