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My love,my girl,my life everything is she

My love,my girl,my life everything is she..i was joinin my college at first time i saw her it's just a flash somethin happen in me....no gal has made me like dat...i go to college only to see her i was really mad with her i waited 6 months to intro with her..finally 1day i got intro with her by my freind the first time i talk with her i can't forget in my life...and after a few day's we become good friends...the first movie i went with her...the first touch..everythin i cant forget i love her like mad....and i know she to love me...i care her a lot.....i think for me only she is my life....at the end of our college i proposed her....i still remember dat day august2nd 2000....and she acepted my love and that was my happiest day in my life....i was in heaven....and we hang around many places ....she love me a lot she said im her life....and i too belive her and love her like anything....after one year she got a job in abrod..i said y ya you try in our city itself....i can't be here without seein you....she said dat she is goin for our future....i said ok....but i cry like anythin coz im gonna miss her a lot....then she went .when she went there she make a call to me for 2day's a week,and for a week,and for a month,lastly she cald me once a two month....and she talk with me diffrently she hurt's me a lot....i think maybe she is busy in her work's.....one day my freind cald me and tell me a website and ask me to see dat....i logon to dat site i was really shocked.....dat was my my lover with a guy in bed i i can't belive..i was really cryin...no she is not that i think...i cal'd her and i slowly ask her....hi ya how ru? ....y ur distubin me in workin hour's she said..sorry ya actually i saw one website ya dat dat some gal look like you doin some wrong thing's ya........she said casually ya dat's me only wat's there in it...for job increment i sleep with my boss..see love is diff and sex is diff i still love you....if you don like me jus forget..........i was really fainted.....i dono wat to do...and what to forget...to forget my first love,my first gal,my first touch,our colege days,my first kiss,no i cant i cant.....god i dono y gal's r like this.......


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