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He left me moneyless, rootless, and pennyless

I was with this guy for almost 2 years. He wanted to move in within 3 months of us dating. I told him no. He continued to persist and finally at 6 months I said yes. Once we began to live with each other. I was buying some things for him such as clothing, cell phones, cell phone bills, etc. Well, he became "comfortable." Within months he asked me to marry him. My father gave him my mother's ring. He asked me to marry him, but he didn't even have the money to get it sized. So, he asked me to do it. He stopped trying and everything. Then he lost his job. I told him I need him to have a job because I can't do it on my own. He said that "it was too bad, that he worked 60 hours a week once and that he didn't feel bad for me." I carried three jobs and went to school. We would have fight after fight about money. I was supporting him in regards to all living expenses. He began to care about me less and less. He stopped showing up to events. Finally he got another job. He began working. When he came home he acted like I didn't exist. Finally he came home one day and told me he was miserable. During all of this I made a huge transition from being an independent self-sufficient woman to being dependent, clingy and emotional. When he told me that, I left and went to my sister's. When I came home, he said it was over. So, throughout the week, his family would call me and tell me that he loves me and wants to be with me. Then his sister's told me he caught him with one of his co-workers. When I came to the apartment, he had some of my items packed. After I found that I out, I moved everything out. His mom kept in contact with me, after the break up. For about a year now, she has been talking to me about him and telling me constantly "I just know you and my son will get back together. He still loves you." She invites me to all of the holidays and over to her house twice a month. I've tried to avoid it, but she has found ways that I can't possibly say no. I need some advice on what to do. I know that we aren't going to get back together regardless of what she thinks. He left me moneyless, rootless, and pennyless.


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