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I just wish i hadnt have listened to them rumours, we would still be together.

in my life i have learnt not to regret what i have done but to regret what i havent. i met this really great guy, not my usual type he was well behaved, quiet,polite basic the complete opposited of what i had been interested in before i started college. I started to think it was starnge that i was getting so interested in this 1 guy, i thought about him all the time. I started to let slip the way i felt about him to a few friends which fortunatly for me, ended up getting back to him. He told me he was so suprised that i actually found him attractive. We arranged a double date which didnt really go to plan.We hardly spoke to eachother.A few days later he asked me around to his where i met his dad 4 the 1st time i was so nevous, we both was.We saw each other aghain later that week and i stayed over at his..After bout 2 months we started to get really close and i knew that i was falling head over heels in love with this guy n there was nothing i could do to stop myself. If only i knew then what i know now.. we had a great relationship 4 the nxt 8 months we never argued disagreed or anything. It was perfect. We went places did things together. To say that we were both only 18 at the time he told me he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. On enite i got really drunk n depressed n i knew this guy was 2 good 4 me. so i broke it off, i felt terrible i missed him like hell. all i could do was vry he was even worse his mum rung me n said that she had, had her son crying on her shoulder all night. I had to make this right so we patched it up and i knew i was just being silly. another couple of months down the line someone mentioned to me that my guy my perfect guy had cheated on me, i couldnt take the pain, tht was it there and then i rung him and ended it. Obviously he diened it as i thought he would, they all do.He begged me to take him back, i nearly did i really wanted to but i was still un sure about the cheating thing. I didnt want to get hurt. I met someone else, i used him to take my mind of the guy that i truely did/do love. My perfect guy then gave in on me he was hurting too much to keep trying. I ended up sleeping with him behind the new guys back but yet my ex the perfect one, still woundnt have me back he was too scared of getting hurt even tho he loves me. I understood where he was coming from id done exactly the same. Well after i slept with him, the situatition went from bad to worse i ended up pregnant so obviously it was his because i was using protection with the other guy(the new1) so i had to end tht relationship with no explination. But i couldnt tell my ex i had fallen pregnant with his child, i didnt want to make him, feel like he was trapped and had to get back with me, so insted i booked an appointment at the hospital and set a date to have an abortion. People commented that i looked and was acting pregnant, i was 3 months gone when i had the abortion. After a few week of having the abortion i was not tlking to the guy whos child it was, but i got into an arguement with his mother and just shouted it at him, i just shouted ive just got rid of youre child i have had an abortion! now another 6 months passed i still miss this guy, he is the love of my life. I cant let go... he means the world to me and i would do anything to be with him for the rest of my life. And i know he still cares for me because his brown eyes tell me so. i just wish i hadnt have listened to them rumours, we would still be together.


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