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I came home a few years later as my father was ill

We got together after being friends with each other for a year or so, he was attentive and never cheated on me whilst I was away at University, he cheated on me instead when I was home one summer with someone we worked with, yet denied it for the rest of the year, he got her pregnant and she left to at the end of the summer to go back to her own country. I gave him enough chances to tell me the truth-he didnt and he was so nasty to me after he had cheated-like a different person! On my last day of Uni, I rang him and told him I would be home the next day and never went home, I got a job somewhere else where he couldnt find me, to get over the heartbreak of his lies and how he had treated me.
I came home a few years later as my father was ill, my ex spotted me walking along a road and sent a letter to my parents house asking if we could meet up and talk. I agreed thinking that maybe he had grown up abit and we maybe we could at least be friends!
The chemistry was still there and things happened over the next year or so, he got drunk one night at a party when we supposed to be meeting up and slept with a friend of a friend and got her pregnant! He has now married this girl, yet continued to mail me, I was happy he found someone whom he cared for, however over the last month or so his mails have become more intimate again...he claims to still loves me, what a mess he has made for himself, a wife whom he says he no longer loves and children he does not want to leave and what an essay this is!


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