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he will always have a piece of my heart

i met this guy back in 2004 in the summer he was so fine and of course i was looking the same n-e-wayz he waz at my cousin house and sitting in the living roomlater i walked in and he walked out but as he came back in i noticed him and i guess he seen me lookin cuz he looked back. so as the night went on we began to talk and flirt with each other later i found out he had a girl but that did not faze me one bit. so the night went on and around 2 somethin in the mornin we sat down on the couch and contineued talking around 5 we satrted to get tired but we still talked , then around 7 in the mornin we woke up and found out we fell asleep 2gether. but later in the week we still talked but school started and i wasnt able to see him so we kept in touch over the phone and for 2 months we were just talkin as friends but around october we went out and it lasted for a lil time so we broke up and we realized that we were better off flirtin so we kept that up. now in the year of 2006 i dont talk to him on the phone at all and the only time we talk is when we say hi and bye to eachother when we are on the bus.we have nothin to do with each other and when ppl ask me about him i jus sigh and say i dont kno knowing that he will always have a piece of my heart but i dont think that the way i always felt about him is the same n-e-more i think i moved on.



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