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Now it's my time !!!!

i onced was seeing this man for a short period in my life. i allowed myself to fall in love with him. he was not a bad guy, we were both attracted to each other. i had a lot of emotional issues from being seperated i could not get over my past relationships. i beleived to this day i ran him off. i beleive we could have made it but i was too busy. to make this story short. he has now moved on with his life and i feel like i really missed a graet guy. in his own way.i was so serious about life. i just could not loosing up.he still thinks i still the same but i am not he has not see me since i stared this new job and i colored my hair. just for myself.i really miss him a lot. but now he has a girl and he life is brand new. i too need to move on but the memories still hold me captive. like that movie with barbara striesand and bbrobert redford. the way we were". it,s like i can,t seem to forget himm i try real hard at times then other times i just linger with the thought of him.i want to move on. but i can,t i don,t want to be stuck.here he has moved on and it,s been my time for a while.love him yes especially the memory.i don,t want to be inlove with a memory. i desire to see him.yet my pride is alli got.i wanted to write this about him to release myself from the waking thought of him idecided to just to take myself out and start socializing more.i justed wanted to say hi.to him out there somewhere.ireally wanted say goodbye and i love you. NOW IT,S MY TIME NOW!!!


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