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I met this guy back in January

Oki I need ur advice on this one...I met this guy back in January...a friend of a friend at a club...i turned out loosing conscious and he took care of me...a month later, i added him on msn, and we started chatting a whole lot together, we even spent valentine on msn...we would chat until 4 am sometimes and webcam and then started talking on the phone late late and getting to know each other...2 weeks ago we went for supper and pool and was good, then saw him again, then finally came over for a movie...we ended up talking a lot and drinking, and we cuddle during the movie...afterwards...i started kissing his neck and as kissed...but no major make out session...he said he didnt wanna take advantage of the situation, knew i wasnt that type of girl, and thought it was best to stay friends...he then said believe me, its really hard resisting a beautiful girl like me but he didnt want to deceive me...thought we would make great close friends...i said oki...next day we talked like nada...and yesterday we spent the whole day together...from morning till night...he ditched his classes and gym and friends...and we did the whole resto movie shopping basicly...perfect!...as we came to leave...i asked him if it meant anything to him and he said ya but again...he just wanted us 2 b friends...he said he doesnt know in the future but for now he doesnt wanna embark in a relationship...and we can be open about everything together...i told him i dont want him 2 b special 2 me if i aint special 2 him and he said that right now im the closest girl he is too...and im his best friend...we then talked more when i got home i said i didnt want it to be awkward and he said me neither...let just enjoy spending time together as close friends...he's supposed to come over 2 watch another movie with me...and i told him then what happend last time couldnt happen again...he said oki...but i wouldnt mind cuddling cuz we're real close.............He broke up with his ex about a year ago...but they still talk a lot, he never got close to another girl since, apart for *sex buddies* and he's open up to me about so many things...

I know its been just a month...but am i heading for a heartbreak or should i give him more time and see...should i distance myself or stay the same...we have such a blast together...and we get along perfectly...we're super comfortable...and he thinks that too...is it just platonic? What should i do if i wanna get him to be mine?

HELP lolol

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