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I cheated on him one time with someone he was working with

I want my ex-beau back in a way, but then again we had so many bumps in our past/present relationship. We have one baby together ( we had it at the age of 17), and now we have a second one that I am nearly due with (we are both 19 now). We broke up like 7 months ago but still think of him almost everyday. He was calling me like crazy after we broke up for like 2-3 months till he got "serious" with his girlfriend. He did cheat on his girlfriend with me like 5-6 times but never said anything about us potentionally getting back together to work out "our" situation and continue to parent together as a team. He still calls from time to time but I never really answer because I get stressed thinking about our children and how he betrayed not only one but both of them. I forgot to mention that he denies our second child. He did call this past Friday and was mentioning "he was tripping out like crazy and needed me." so I went to go meet up with him at the location but he didn't show up, and the next day I called to reassure myself he was fine. I questioned why he had called and then didn't even meet up with me...his response was that he didn't want anything to do with me, all I said was that he shouldn't stress me out like that when I am eight months pregnant from him. He again denied being the father. Oh yeah the reason we end up apart was that I cheated on him one time with someone he was working with, but he cheated on me too right around the same time but I forgave him...so why is it so hard for him to do?
I worked so hard at pleasing him and doing everything that a guy can imagine his woman doing for him, yet he still disrespects all three of us (by not being a full parent, denying our second child, and taking off on his first child). Also right around christmas time he left the city to spend time with his girlfriend instead of his own son! He is getting more stupid because of this so called "good" relationship.
What can I do to convince him that he should dummie up and take care of his first son and step up and be a man about our second child? What makes a guy think that if they create one child that they can not have another till their "ready to"...because truthfully our first was not expected but he accepted it, but now with our surprise second one he denies it...why?
I need some real good advice...I have already though got full custody of first son, while he is to pay child support. Now with the second one I guess I have to get a DNA test just to prove him worng and gain full custody of this second one while he pays child support. When in reality I just want this mess settled and for him to be grown up about our situation because whether he will ever admit or not we are "family" forever. What is your opinion?! I have moved on, I am "seeing" other people but still a part of me yearns for him. I hate to live through this sh*t but it's not like I have the strentgh to walk away like he did. How does he live with himself knowing that he won't be able to see what kind of stuff his own flesh and blood is learning? How come he decides to put his girlfriend ahead of his own flesh and blood? I know he is still immature, but I want to help him grow, and for him to enjoy our children's growth like I am.


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